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On dataZoa's Main Page

Toolbar Area

The top green stripe of every dataZoa page is the toolbar area, with quick access to key features. The tools are split into two groups...

...and everything else.

Standard Tabs

There are four standard tabs, always present:

dZ Dropzone

Tabs about Series: dZ DropZone and Workbench tabs

In the first two tabs, you can see and work with all of the series in you account.
  • dZDropzone - All your series in their natural groupings (that is, dataBlocks)
  • Workbench - All your series, without groupings, for maximum flexibility

Tabs about Dashboards: Following... and Add (+) tabs

The other tabs are like "dashboards," holding individual displays, organized as you like.
  • Following... - Whenever you send other peoples' dZ displays to your account, they "land" on this tab.
  • Adding a User Tab - You can add your own tabs as dashboards tailored to particular topics.

Throughout dataZoa (and beyond!)

These features show up in various ways throughout dataZoa, and some are even seen "outside" of dataZoa-proper.

Tools for Getting Data

  • About the dZ-Dot - data from the Web, automatically updated
  • About dZSlates - scheduled data collection from outside contributors
  • Uploader - data from your own files and spreadsheets
  • API - automated workflows

Displays - to build, share, publish

Analysis and Dissemination

  • ComputeCloud - time series calculations, automatically updated
  • dZBoards - to arrange and narrate your data-driven displays
  • dZMirror - a plug-in that feeds Excel from dataZoa displays, automatically updated

Organizers and Time-savers

  • dZCorkboard - a handy way to drag, drop and order series in displays
  • GroupLists - flexible, formal data groupings
  • API - to automate data flows