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About the Workbench

It's called the Workbench because it holds all your raw materials (series) and a huge range of tools for building and sharing calculations, displays, and more.

The Workbench tab shows all the series in your account.

As series are added to your account, the newest ones show first.

The Workbench contains the same series as your dropZone tab. They are simply shown as a flat list, without groupings.

Workbench Tools

Each series in the workbench has a checkbox

Checked series are included in whatever actions follow. For example, if you check four series and press the Delete button, those are the series that will be deleted.

Tables, Charts, etc.

Buttons to Create and Edit Displays


Formula editor for Calculations


These Buttons are for Series Maintenance

Workbench Layout

Column Headers

Data Rows

Every row of data has a lot behind it; a popup chart, original documentation and footnotes, a link to its source, cross-references, and more.

Click to see the full story behind just one of these series.

Searching, Filtering and Paging

You may have hundreds or thousands of series in your account. To filter and page through your series in the Workbench, use these search and page controls:

Show only series that belong a particular Grouplist:

Show only series that match a partial title:

Show only series that match a partial title on the page being shown:

Page through your series:

Sorting on the page

Rows on the Workbench can be sorted temporarily by clicking on the Up/Down icon
in any particular column. Any sorts are reset when you refresh the page in your browser.