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Data-related Tools


  • The first pair of tools help you get data from the Web into dataZoa. The drop target is the spot where you release data series dragged from other sites into dataZoa. The global index links you to a wide variety of data sources around the Web.
  • The second pair of tools are used to upload and update your own data series.
  • Finally, the push pin represents the dZCorkboard, a handy way to maintain your series, whatever their origins.

Housekeeping Tools

The housekeeping tools are used to access various features and settings. From left to right they are:

Notifications Area

The notifications area shows you any incoming messages you should be aware of. From top to bottom, the three stacked icons represent:

  • dataZoa system messages, like scheduled maintenance
  • Messages from other users, such as when they share data with you
  • Information about your own account, e.g. when a lengthy data fetch has completed