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dataZoa's dZ-Dot™
is a browser add-in with magical powers* - data collected in one click, and updated automatically.

  • As you browse a website, the dZ-Dot precedes you,
    placing itself
    next to available data
  • Hover over a dZ-Dot --
    You can then drag (or just click to send)
    the data into your dataZoa account
  • The magic happens as the data lands in your account:
    • The data is harmonized, so it immediately works with any other data in your account, from any other website
    • The location is memorized, so we can check back periodically for updates and changes
    • Then any changes are automatically propagated through related calculations, displays, and dashboards that use the series

Get the dZ-Dot

* Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.