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dZboards are a great way to organize, present and share
your dZ embeddable displays (Tables, Charts, LatestValues...).

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dZBoard Highlights

  • You can post your own dZ displays to a dZBoard, along with displays from other dataZoa users you find out on the Web at large.
  • When you post in from outside your account, the displays are sent to a special dZBoard called Following.... From there you can copy and arrange as you like.
  • dZBoards are also a great way to share your work at large.
    • By default, dZBoards are private to your account, but you can mark any dZBoard for public viewing.
    • For finer control, you can password-protect your board and share it more privately.
    • If you then link to that board in emails, web pages or blog posts, others can see your latest up-to-date displays and data.