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GroupLists are used in the workbench to define meaningful sets of series in your account.


  • Grouplists are named as you like
  • The series in a grouplist are ordered as you like
  • Any series can belong to any number of grouplists


As a filter:
Select a grouplist from the dropdown to show only the member.

Check-mark the shown series and then work on them as a group:

...or build a quick display:

Special Groulists

A few grouplists with special reserved names are predefined in your account.

  • All Series - resets the workbench to its default "show everything" state
  • All of Latest Upload - its members are the series acquired in your most recent fetch or upload
  • Most Recently Used in Displays - the series used in the most recent display editing session

Creating and Editing

Use the Grouplists... button in the workbench to open the grouplist editing panel. There you can create, edit, rename, and re-order your grouplists.

Further Ideas

Build displays from grouplists

Build grouplists from displays

Build grouplists from dropZone dataBlocks

Simplify series housekeeping with grouplists