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THe dZCorkboard is a place to temporarily "pin" series in your account so you can keep them handy during a working session.

Adding Series to the dZCorkboard

From the dZDropzone

Click and drag the drag handle
in a dZDropzone dataBlock
to pin all series in the dataBlock to the dZCorkboard →

From the Workbench

As you hover on a row in the Workbench, a blue pin
appears. Click it to add the series to the dZCorkboard.


Click to open the dZCorkboard from the toolbar:
See somthing like this::

Guide to Features

  • Actions for... - click to create a display, calculation, or grouplist from the series shown above the divider
  • - drop all series from the corkboard
  • - drop a single series from the corkboard
  • - Drag to reorder the listed series
  • - Divider to exclude the series below it from a subsequent Action

Application Ideas

Build a family of Calculations

Build a family of GroupLists