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 This section is about editing Chart displays. Get more background on Chart Displays here. 

Chart displays are easy to make, and they start out with sensible defaults for colors, styles, and such.
That said, you can use the Chart Editor to add a huge variety of features, details, and nuance as you see fit.

See also:   Create   Copy   Circulate   Publish   for Displays

Name section

The Name section is the top few lines of the display editor panel.

It is used to Name, Copy, Save and Delete your Displays. Read more about the display editor name section.

Tabs section

The middle part of the editor panel holds tabs with content and formatting options.

These tabs have a natural progression to them, moving from left to right. That is, you typically select your Data, then stylistic Settings, and so forth. That being said, you can always move freely between tabs.

Use the Preview tab to see exactly how your Widget looks at any point.

Chart Styles
Series Settings
Responsive Design

Chart Styles

Chart TitleSets the title at the top of the chart.
Chart Type
The settings on the panel adapt according to the chart type selected.
Line, Bar, Stick, Stacked BarThese types are all longitudinal over time and may be mixed and matched at the series level.
Scatter PlotObservations paired in time, plotted as X versus Y.
Bubble ChartObservations grouped in time, show as X versus Y with Area.
Pie ChartCross-section of observations at one point in time.
Categorical Bar ChartCross-section of observations at one point in time.
Legend and LabelsControls row/column layout of legendsParticularly useful in charts with many series.
Time FrameOptions to show all or a limited portion of the available observations.Time frame may be fixed or data-driven at either end.
SortingOrder of appearance in legend; alphabetical or numerically ranked.
Use ShadingApplies a shading effect to solid color areas, like pie chart segments.
GridsStyle settings for gridsColor options for grids are set below in the Preview section.
Epochal OverlayColors chart background to show US political eras over time.
Politics can be fun!
Table at BottomAdds a tabular view of the chart data.This option is only available for single-series charts.

Series Settings

Use this tab to select a particular series in the Chart and customize its appearance.

The available options vary depending on the chart style selected in the
Chart Styles

Options may include:

  • Color
  • Line Style
  • Label
  • Axis placement

In addition to the customizations, there are buttons to:

  • Remove the selected series from the chart
  • Add other series to the chart. Any series that are currently check-marked in the workbench are inserted.
  • Add calculated series to the chart.

Use the New Calculated Series feature for simple overlays like Moving Averages and Percent Changes - easier than a formal calculation if you just need a quick chart enhancement.

Responsive Design

dataZoa Displays support Responsive Design. Read about the Responsive Design tab here.


Display footers can have automatic attributions, citations, and more. Read about the footer tab here.

Preview section

As you edit your display, your changes are reflected immediately in the Preview Section. Read about the preview section here.