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The dZMirror is an add-on for Microsoft Excel that links the cells of an Excel spreadsheet to the cells of a tabular dataZoa display.

When a dataZoa table is mirrored in a user's spreadsheet, each cell in the table becomes an actual cell in the spreadsheet. Because all of the dataZoa cells update automatically, formulas in the spreadsheet update automatically as well.

The "dZMirror"
icon sits in the footer of tabular displays enabled for the display. Anyone viewing your display can use it download the add-in and mirror it into their own spreadsheet.

You can download the dZMirror add-in here.

Rather than copying values in and out of spreadsheets, host your data in dataZoa and share the "mirror" link. No time-lag, no copying mistakes, no "version confusion".
If you allow a display to be posted publicly, be sure that related series are marked as public.