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A dataBlock is similar to a table, but much more powerful. It holds a group of series that scroll together through time, and offers instant graphical views as well.

dataBlocks have two roles in dataZoa:
  • In the dropZone, they are the natural way to show your account's dataseries.
  • As a type of embeddable display, they can be tweaked, published, shared, etc., just like a traditional Chart or Table.

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dataBlock Highlights

dataBlocks hold one or more series...

...of compatible range and frequency...

...that scroll together in time...

...and work together naturally to make other displays and calculations...

Managing Series in dataBlocks

There are a number of handy tools for organizing and curating the contents of your dataBlocks

You also have direct control of series sharing

How Series are grouped and ordered in dataBlocks

Within the dropZone

When you drop new data series into your account, the
view shows them grouped as dataBlocks.

dataBlocks in the dropZone contain series that were:

  • Dragged in from the Web as a group, using the dZ-Dot, or
  • Manually uploaded as a group

In the dropZone, dataBlock grouping and ordering is automatic, but you can use the tools menu to fine tune it.

If you want to keep some particular dropZone dataBlock handy, click and drag its blue drag handle. When you drop it on a new or existing user tab, you'll have a copy right in its own tab!

As independent dataBlock displays

Once you save a dataBlock as a permanent display, use the dataBlock display editor to make changes.