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About the dropZone tab

When you add data to your account it lands in the dropZone.

The dropZone contains all the series in your account.

As you add data to your account, the new series are grouped into dataBlocks

The dropZone contains all the same series as your Workbench, shown in their natural groupings.

Working with series in the dropZone

You can make displays, like tables and charts, right from the dataBlocks in your dropZone. Use the tools menu from any dataBlock:

The tools menu also has options to edit the dataBlock itself, create calculations, and do data housekeeping.

Searching and Filtering

You may have hundreds or thousands of series in your account. Use these controls to zero-in:

Show only series that match a partial title:

Paging through lots of series

When you have more series than can fit on the screen, you can page through them:

Page through your series: