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Displays is the collective term for:
Charts, Tables, LatestValues, dataBlocks and Widgets
that have their own URLs and can be used outside your dataZoa account.

Common Features

All dataZoa displays share some common features:

  • Live - automatically updated whenever underlying data or calculations change
  • Embeddable, with a unique URL you can put into web pages, blogs, etc.
  • Can be circulated point-to-point by email or SMS
  • Shareable, through dZBoards
  • Automated footers, for attributions, exporting, etc.


From the dropZone

Open the Gear menu and pick a display type.

From the Workbench

Checkbox the series you want to include, click the button for the type of display you want, and select New... in the drop-down list.

This will bring up the appropriate display editor and give you an immediate preview of your new display. Once you give it a name and save it, it will be added to your list of displays of that type.

If you want to build several display variants from the same general group of data, consider using the dZCorkboard.


Once you have made a display permanent by giving it a name, you can go back and edit it at any time.

In the Workbench, select the type of display you want to edit.

You will see a drop-down list where you can pick a particular display by name. This brings up a display editor. Make and your changes and Save. Changes are automatically reflected wherever the display is used.

Display editor details:   Tables   LatestValues   Charts   dataBlocks   Widgets


To copy or backup a saved display, just edit it, add something to the name, like - Backup Version and use the Save As... button to copy the display to a new name.

Note: If you are making a backup, be sure to close the editor and re-open the original version so you don't work on the wrong one!


There are several ways to share a display without publishing it to a web page. All named displays can be circulated point-to-point via email or SMS. If you like, the display footer can offer a button allowing others to share it further.

Methods for Sending Displays

Send a display to anyone via:

  • SMS
  • E-mail

Send a display to another dataZoa user:

  • using a dataZoa user name.
    Note: This assumes that the recipient's Preferences are set to Accept shares.

Send a display directly to yourself via:


All named displays have a unique URL that can be used in webpages, blogs, etc. If you like, a display can offer a button allowing others to share it further.