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dZboards are a great way to organize, present and share your dZ "embeddable" displays (tables, charts, latestvalues...).

You can post your own dZ embeddable displays here, along with displays from other dataZoa users you find out on the Web at large.

To post your own displays, use the (new) link to create a new board, and then press [more] and (add) to select from the tables, charts, and other displays you have already created.

When you post in from outside your account, the displays are sent to a special dZBoard called Following.... From there you can copy and arrange as you like.

dZBoards are also a great way to share your work at large. You can mark any dZBoard for public viewing. If you then link to that board in emails, web pages or blog posts, others can see your latest up-to-date displays and data.

In the housekeeping toolbar, select the dZSlates icon.