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dataZoa is Made for Seamless Data Flows

Meeting Ad-hoc Requirements for Rapid Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing: For the next several weeks and months, the status-quo for data, forecasting and analysis is out the window. New data sources and analyses are going to be required, with speed and agility. dataZoa is built for demands like this, and here are some some of the key ways it can be used.

Covid-19 - dataZoa API Open to All

dataZoa Tools and Facilities to Consider

A Usage Scenario: You want to monitor payment arrears from regional utilities for reporting and forecasting for emergency payment assistance. Multiple contributors, multiple consumers.

Automating Ad-Hoc Data Collection

Find a point of contact within each utility who is willing to contribute total customer payment arrears on a weekly basis; just a few simple stats like number of accounts and total dollars. A dZSlate gives each of them an input screen (passworded and sandboxed), scheduled reminder emails, and their numbers flow into your dataZoa account. From there you have a central spot to review, cleanse, and then approve the figures for downstream use. The weekly contributions are automatically accumulated as normalized time-series which will then flow to dashboards, charts, displays and connected models.

Automated Normalization, Consolidation, Indexing, etc.

Your gathered data streams feed dataZoa calculations to produce derived streams, such as total arrears or percentage changes. These streams similarly automatically feed downstream uses.

Graphs and Tables Without any Programming

Displays is the collective term for:
Charts, Tables, LatestValues, dataBlocks and Widgets
that have their own URLs and can be used outside your dataZoa account.

Common Features

All dataZoa displays share some common features:

  • Live - automatically updated whenever underlying data or calculations change
  • Embeddable, with a unique URL you can put into web pages, blogs, etc.
  • Can be circulated point-to-point by email or SMS
  • Shareable, through dZBoards
  • Automated footers, for attributions, exporting, etc.

Dashboards Without any Programming

Connect to Applications Beyond the dataZoa Ecosystem

Feed Excel Spreadsheets with Automated DataFlows

Connect DataFlows to and from other databases and programs with the dataZoa API