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With minor exceptiopns as noted, the Footer tab is common across all display editors.

Footer text field

The first row, labelled Footer, is a free-form text field for custom footnotes. (Not available in the Chart editor)

Automatic Citations

The next row has check boxes that controls whether citations are added automatically to the display footer.

Citation (checkboxes)    Description
Attribution Adds a Published by... section.

If your account profile has an organization name, icon, etc., they will be incorporated as space allows.

Cite public sources... Adds icons and links back to original data sources, when possible.

Checkboxes for optional Footer features

The next row is a set of check boxes to control various optional footer features. When checked, people using the display see a button for that feature in the footer. For example, to allow your users to be able to link to your display, check the embed box.

Features (checkboxes)
Show/hide various
action buttons
Download Data Allow your users to download the raw data behind this display.

If your display contains mixed-periodicity data (as allowed in LatestValues and Charts), this feature will be suppressed, even if checked.

Embed Offer your users a link to embed your display themselves.
Email/SMS Adds buttons to instantly email or text the display.
Live Mirror Provides the link to embed the display directly into Excel.
Viewer Lets your users download a free version of the dataZephyr software.
Follow Series Allows your users to see individual series from the display in their own dataZoa accounts.
Follow Embed Allows your users to see your display within their own dataZoa accounts.
Snapshot Provides buttons to make printouts and PDFs of your display.