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dataZoa will improve your life substantially if you spend your time dealing with time-series,

Here's how:

By what Strange Magic?
Timeliness Whenever a number changes, everything flows from there, automatically.
It is actually safe to schedule that vacation!
We monitor your data sources and update from there. Automatic Updating
Accuracy No more confusion about who has the latest version of that spreadsheet,
or whether that annoying PDF got updated...
Everything is linked, not copied.
There are no copies to get out of sync.
Independence You are in full control; no waiting on Admins, Webmasters and Programmers.
If you know your job and you can handle a browser,
congratulations, you're now more effective than they are.
dataZoa extends your domain.
Data, Analysis and Dissemination are integrated, end to end.
Productivity If you waste a week every month clawing data from websites and redoing your work,
you now have a free week.
Do something new and wonderful!
dataZoa understands time series fundamentally,
and handles all the details.
About Series
Credit Your work goes right where it is needed.
Send that chart to the boss's phone, now.
Websites SMS Email Social Media Blogs
Spreadsheets Documents (all live and connected!)