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Embeddable Links

For Series and dZBoards

The link
icon appears in various places in your account, like series details and dZBoards. Use it to link to the data or board being shown. The link is ready to copy and paste into a webpage or blog frame.

For Displays

The link
icon appears in the footer of displays. Note that this is an option, and may be turned off in the display editor. The link provided is pre-wrapped in an iframe element to preserve the dimensions of the display wherever it is embedded. The link is ready to copy and paste into a webpage or blog frame.


If you allow a display to be posted publicly, be sure that related series are marked as public.
You can always get the "framed" link by opening the display in its display editor.


  • When you send displays and data from dataZoa, you are typically circulating live, automatically updating work.
  • Everyone who sees your displays stays current with your own view.
  • This is very different from the typical "snapshot" approach of sending around files or images.
  • To send a "snapshot" that does not update, just make a PDF and circulate that file.


A Series Link:

A Display Link:
<iframe class="DZembed-table" src="//www.datazoa.com/data/table.asp?a=view&th=6wpHuiKOqK" frameborder="0" width="600px" height="200px">Unavailable - </iframe>

A dZBoard Link: