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Series Ownership

Every dataZoa series "belongs" to a particular account, and that account has complete control over what happens to that series.

That being said, series can be shared and borrowed among accounts according to permissions granted by the series owner.


Series owned by your account:

  • were brought into dataZoa by you
  • can be changed or removed only by you
  • can be from any origin - uploaded, calculated, or dragged from the Web


Series borrowed by your account:

  • are "referenced" in your account, but owned by some other dataZoa account
  • can be removed from your account without affecting the actual series
  • can be used in calculations and displays as if you actually owned them
  • cannot be changed by you


Series shared from your account:

  • are owned by you, but "borrowed" by other dataZoa accounts
  • cannot be changed by borrowers
  • will disappear from borrowers' accounts if you delete them