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Where can I see the dataZoa API and its documentation?

Right here!

How can I merge and preserve my own metadata?

Automatic data updates are great, but I have enhanced my public series with my own tags and metadata, and I don't want them lost when updates come through.

dataZoa's nonvolatile tags will do this for you. This is not strictly an API technique, but it's highly relevant.

How can I fetch "pretty" data, as show in my tables, instead of raw series?

The API is all about managing the raw data. To get nicely presented data from dataZoa displays, consider using this great technique.

How Can I find and download only recently changed series?

First use the SeriesList() function to identify series of interest. It fetches series metadata (including date modified) for up to 8000 series at a time. This makes compiling a list of series keys which were last updated within a given date range fast and inexpensive, programmatically speaking.

Once you have compiled your list of series of interest, use the usual SeriesGet() function to retrieve the series themselves.

This is the way any polling/syncing script should be checking for which series need to be processed; allowing you to only fetch/sync those series of interest.