Tables For Data Automation

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 Instead of using the API to loop through and fetch many series for a given app (like mapping, or HiCharts), you can just use displays (tables, latest values)

Just create a table specifically for your app which contains all the data needed and then use AJAX to fetch it.

 Some Advantges:
  • You can mark the row (series) labels to easily identify their data
  • Label knockouts are available
  • Just one fetch for multiple series
  • The displays are server-cached for speed
  • A GroupList parameter (glname=... on a table gives access to multiple datasets
  • A LatestValues display gives you current values, prior values and/or (%) changes

  • Use jQuery (or similar library) to parse the structured classes in the display and get the data values
  • There is a limit of 50 points of historical data per series for tables.