Nonvolatile Tags in Auto-Updating dataZoa Series

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You can edit any automatically updating series (those coming from sources like the BLS or the BEA) to add in your own meta data which will be preserved through automatic updates. You can edit such a series directly from within your dataZoa account (simply check the series, click 'Edit' and use the 'Edit Text' option) or you can perform such edits via the dataZoa API.

The format of nonvolatile tags are as follows:

  • All nonvolatile tags should have the prefix of: NVTAG_
  • This is case sensitive and should be entered all in caps
  • Follow this prefix with whatever other text (no spaces) you'd like to complete the field name
  • Separate the nonvolatile tag name from its value by one or more spaces or a tab
  • The value assigned to such tags can be any textual data
  • Such tags can be placed either in the header or footer section of data (above and below the data respectively)

Regarding placement of nonvolatile tags: An auto-updating dataZoa series has the following 4 sections (separated by 1-2 blank lines): Header, Data, Footer and Auto Update Info NVTAGs should be put into either the Header or Footer sections but where you put it will dictate the behavior you get. The following is a listing of behavior specific to the section in which you put the tags.


  - Add to the top or within the Header (not as the last line of Header)
  - When placed in the Header NVTAGs must end with a colon (:) delimiter or be ignored and not saved.
  - May be moved to a different location within header
  - Not displayed in "Hover Notes" on Tables
  - Not displayed when clicking on a series in account
  - Not displayed in series file downloads
  - Displayed in API fetches


  - Add at the end of Footer (becomes new last line)
  - Displayed in "Hover Notes" on Tables
  - Displayed when clicking on a series in account
  - Displayed in series file downloads
  - Displayed in API fetches

NVTAG_MyFavoriteColor Blue
NVTAG_MyFavoriteNum 42
NVTAG_AltTitle Any alternate series title you'd like to apply
NVTAG_HeaderInfo Any text I'd like to enter here
NVTAG_Footer001 This is my first nonvolatile footer
NVTAG_Footer002 Another nonvolatile footer