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Series Maintenance


Any series in your account can be kept fully private, made public, or selectively shared with known individuals:

  •  Private data cannot be viewed outside of your account
    • One exception: You can explicitly grant viewing permission to other dataZoa accounts by using Workbench → Share... → Share to particular people
    • Your own uploaded data is marked private by default
  •  Public data can be freely viewed outside of your account

Changing Permissions

  • From the Workbench or the dropZone you can quickly switch a series between public and private just by clicking on the sharing status icon (
  • To explicitly share a single series, click on the sharing icon
    . This brings up a dialog box where you can enter the dataZoa users you want to share with.
  • Any series that are shared out of your account show a sharing status icon
    . Hover for a quick count, or click for more information.
  • You can set permissions for several series at once using the Workbench→Sharing... menu.
  • Remember:
    • Series should be marked Public if you are going to use them in public facing charts and tables.
    • When you change a series from Public to Private, check its sharing status, to see if there are any series "borrowers" who might be affected.




From Within Your dataZoa Account

In the workbench, check-mark the series of interest and use the Export... button to select a file type and start a download.

In the dropZone, you can export a block of series by using the gear icon to use the File ... Export Series menu choice.

From Displays

When the Export
icon is visible in a display, the display's owner has chosen to offer the data behind the display for export to interested viewers. This exporting tool offers a variety of file formats and options.

If you want to limit the time-span of a series export, the export from displays offers a date range option.