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Min DecimalsMinimum number of decimals to show2 for U.S. Currency
Max DecimalsMaximum number of decimals to show2 for U.S. Currency
Percentage DecimalsExact number of decimals to show
in fields that are calculated as
percentages within the display itself.
2 for 1.23%

0 for 1%
PrefixText to use before the number$
SuffixText to use after the number(USD)
Multiply byNumber100, to express a percentage
Divide byNumber1000 for currency in thousands
AddNumber1.7, to add an integration constant
SubtractNumber1, to zero-base an index
+ / -
Parens when < 0CheckboxFinancial negative
Color when < 0HTML color nameRed
Color when > 0NumberBlue
NDText to use when No DataNo data exists
N/AText to use when Not AvailableNo data available
NDDText to use when Not DisclosedUndisclosed
Date Format Offset FractionOffset Date Display (like '0.58' for Thursday on Weekly data)Adjust Date on Period Displayed
CommasCheckbox, use comma separatorFinancial information
Swap comma/periodCheckbox, European-style separatorsEuropean financial information