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We have a simple philosophy of abundance - open access
to any and all data sources and product features.

Modest usage of dataZoa resources is free, and you can upgrade for higher resource quantities.

Account Types

Free Basic

The Basic dataZoa account is free of charge, with all the the features and resources you need for casual usage.

Why free? We want you to get to know and love dataZoa. As your usage develops, we expect you'll want to upgrade to do more of everything.

dataZoa is free of cost for basic usage - all the data sources, all the main features.
As your use of dataZoa expands, the paid upgrade path is available!


The Personal account is resourced for someone who spends serious time with time-series data. Modestly priced, but with resource counts that cover most use cases. For example, this type of account might be appropriate for a commercial real-estate broker, who needs fast ad-hoc trend analysis from time to time.


The Academic account has the same specifications as the Personal account, but is typically acquired through a blanket campus-wide subscription. Academic accounts can convert to Personal accounts after graduation for professional portability.


The Business account is appropriate for functional areas such as Business Intelligence or Planning that make heavy use of time series data and analysis.


Organizations whose mission includes publishing timely, accurate data seriews should consider "Publisher" licensing. This option offers unlimited resources for the licensed functional area. For example, a Chamber of Commerce might license dataZoa as a publisher, to offer a low maintenance "data kiosk" on the Web for their stakeholders.

Licensing Options

Basic accounts for individuals are available free of cost. Upgrade options are available by credit card subscription for higher capacity accounts.

For Institutions, publisher licenses are negotiated by functional area.

For Academic settings, dataZoa is typically licensed campus-wide, for an entire ".edu" domain.