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If you work with time series, dataZoa will change your life.

dataZoa is all about connections. Data flows like water;
from real world sources
through calculations, tables, charts,
on to presentations, spreadsheets, even a live chart on your smartphone.
and whenever the least thing changes, everything that should happen just happens, automatically.

In dataZoa, you work with open data from Web sources (like the UN, EIA, BLS, Kids Count, etc.),
right along with your own data series, interchangeably. And...

Which means...
  • You save all those hours of data drudgery
  • You never forget a thing - your analyses, tables and charts stay in sync with the data behind them
  • Your work goes right where you want it - phone, Web, email, blogs, open or restricted
  • And no programming - if you can use a spreadsheet you can use dataZoa