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Handy Templates:

 I am so confused! 
{{Template:Disambiguate|content=I am so confused!}}

How To: Freeze a table display
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgHowTo"></div> How To: [[Freeze_a_Table_Display|Freeze a table display]]

Handy Classes:

<div class="GfakeTabGroup"><div class="GfakeTab">GfakeTab</div><div class="GfakeTab">GfakeTab2</div></div>

Structures: GTableTextPic (text then pictures) GOrangeBox Gbb1 (black border table)
Alignments: GtextForVideo (limited width text) Gmc { vertical-align: middle; text-align: center; } Gtal { text-align: left; }   Gtac { text-align: center; }   Gtar { text-align: right; }
   Gvam { vertical-align: middle; }   Gvat { vertical-align: top; }   Gvab { vertical-align: bottom; }
Colors: GbcLgray GfcLgray

Category: type [[Category: CategoryName]] More on categories
iframe: (uses Iframe Widget): {{#widget:Iframe |url=yoururl |width=yourwidth |height=yourheight |border=0 }}

Insert a glyph


<div class="imgGlyph24 imgIdea"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgHowTo"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgConcept"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgWarning"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgNote"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgDisambiguate"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph16 imgCellYes"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph16 imgCellNo"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph16 imgCellMaybe"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgKeyTip"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph16 imgDZDot"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgExport"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgEmbed"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgShare"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgEmail"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgSMS"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgMirror"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgFollow"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgPrint"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgSnapshot"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgLock"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgGlobe"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgShareable"></div>
<div class="imgGlyph24 imgPeople"></div>

Insert a local Image

[[File:dZBoard_PricingTrends02140.PNG|none|dZBoard Pricing Trends 02140]]

Insert a foreign image

This is from dataZoa itself:


<div class="imgWholeWrap1"><div class="imgWhole " data-guts="{ url: '/img/Hint.png', title: 'Hint example', xtraStyle: ' min-height: 16px; min-width: 16px;'  }"></div></div>

Insert a snippet


<div class="imgSnippetWrap1 "><div class="imgSnippet " title="dropZone Title Search" data-styler="{ view: '311', style: ' width: 479px; height: 123px;  background: url(SQ/img/DocSamples/snap31.pngSQ)  scroll -22px -62px;  background-repeat: no-repeat; ' }"></div></div>

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