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(dataZoa APIv2.0 Beta Release)
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====dataZoa APIv2.0 Beta Release====
====dataZoa API version 2.0 Beta Release====
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<p>Documentation here.</p>
<p>Documentation here.</p>
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dataZoa API version 2.0 Beta Release

Documentation here.

New functionality includes:

  • Display manipulation (create/delete/clone/modify tables, charts, etc.)
  • Transfer ownership of displays among Related Accounts
  • Trigger ComputeCloud re-evaluations explicitly after series updates
  • Enumerate all usages (cross-references) of a series



dataZoa version 2.2 user interface is now the default for new accounts

  • Note for certain .edu domains: The default UI for new accounts remains at 2.0 to maintain compatibility with course materials and examples.

Existing users are strongly encouraged to try out the 2.2 User Interface!

  • The dataZoa version 2.2 user interface offers a significant upgrade both capabilities and appearance
  • Some highlights: Integrated documentation Wiki, File upload wizard, dZ-Dot tuning options by data source
  • Accounts opened after September 1, 2017 are already at this version by default
  • You can switch to/from new interface version via the Profile/Preferences menu


Invitation codes no longer required for new accounts

dZTourist temporary guest accounts offered, no sign-up needed


Enhancements to BLS OES (Occupational Employment Statistics) Data Handling

OES data is not technically maintained as time series data by the BLS. Nevertheless, dataZoa has always been capable of constructing time series out of the individual yearly observations. Until recently, the dataZoa was able to reach back as far as five years, but no further. Recent changes now allow for considerable enhancement.


  • dataZoa will now pull together OES series as far back as 1999.
  • We have migrated the date time-stamps of the yearly observations from from mid-year (May) to start-of-year (Jan) to be consistent with the BLS, which does not mark the month at all.
  • Relatedly, the November updates that happened in a few years are now also attriuted to start-of-year (Jan) to be consistent with the BLS.
  • A number of meta-data fields (such as the various occupation and area codes) are now explicit in the data rather than simply left in the data titles.


New dataZoa Publisher:  Florida

Florida State University - Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis (CEFA)

New dataZoa Publisher:  Oregon

Portland State University, Northwest Economic Research Center (NERC)

New dataZoa Publisher:  Tennessee

The Memphis Economy / University of Memphis Sparks BBER</li>


File Upload Wizard

For uploading typical ..xls, .csv, .txt files.

First time through, answer questions as you go. After a successful upload, save specs as a template so that similar files can be updated and uploaded again and again with minimum effort and maximum reliability.


New data source: Bloomberg

The dZ-Dot now supports the Bloomberg, LLP site.

This site offers weekly data on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Currencies
  • Equities
  • Stock prices for specific exchanges
  • Bonds
  • Indexes


dataZoa docwiki offered in Beta

dataZoa version 2.2 user interface offered in Beta



New data source: Census Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE)

Responsive Design Support


dZ-Dot support for Opera browser



Version 1.0 End of Life


Version 2.0 is now the default for all new accounts